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USB Mass Storage Module for iPaq     

This module makes the iPaq PDA appears to the host machine as a Mass Storage Device (i.e. a disk). So you can copy files between the iPaq and the PC as easy as copying files between two directories in your PC. Or even working on files in your PDA directly from your PC.

First backup all important data in your iPaq.
I tested it in iPaq 3835 kernel-2.4.18-rmk3_hh24 and with Linux 2.4.19 and Windows XP running on the PC side.

Make sure that no other USB module is loaded in the iPaq side, you may need to unload usb-eth module by typing:
rmmod usb-eth

Then load the USB mass storage module by typing:
insmod usb_mass.o

By default usb_mass will use the MMC card as the storage device. So make sure that the MMC card is unmounted and plug the iPaq to your PC USB port. Your PC will see a new disk attached with the contents of the MMC card.
If your PC is running linux, you can mount the iPaq by typing some thing like:
mount /dev/sda1 /mnt/ipaq
The device letter may change if you have scsi devices attache to your PC.

Before unpluging the iPaq unmount it by:
umount /mnt/ipaq

To use the CF card as the storage device load the usb_mass module with the following options:
insmod usb_mass.o dev_major=3 dev_minor=0

Never mount the same partition in the iPaq and the PC at the same time or its file system may get corrupted

Binary download: usb_mass.o
Soure download: usb_mass.c