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MBR Restore     

It is a DOS program to save the loader part of the MBR (Master Boot Record) sector, and can be used later to restore it later. One usefull use of it is to restore lilo (linux loader) after installing windows.
Note that it doesn't change the partition table, so you can't use it to backup the partition table.

It is used in two steps:
1- Save the MBR sector by simply running from DOS command line. It will generate the file mbr.b in the current directory of size 512B. This file contains an image of the MBR sector. Make this step before you install windows. And make sure that there is no file called mbr.b in the current directory.
2- Restore the MBR sector when you need by calling again. The difference this time is that if finds the file mbr.b in the current directory, it will assume that you want to restore the MBR sector. If this isn't what you want, delete (or rename) the file mbr.b before running Make this step after you finished installing windows. And make sure that the current directory is the directory contains mbr.b file.

Version: 0.1
Binary download:
Soure download: mbrrestore.tar.gz