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I provide here some programs which I think they will be useful for the arabic user:


You run it in the background, and it will monitor one or more virtual consoles. If it finds arabic letters, Acon will write them in the right direction. You must be root to run it.

It has two modes of operation:
- The first is the left to right console, in which the default language is English. Use it when most of the document is in english.
- The second is the Right to left console, where the default language is Arabic. Use it when most of the document is in arabic.


The source code : (don't use save link as) acon-1.0.5.tar.gz (40 kb)

The Debian installation by Chahine Hamila <>: acon_1-1_all.deb

How to browse the Net with Lynx + Arabic support

By: Adil Alsaid <>

1) Download acon -- Compile it -- and Run it!! Easy :-)!
2) Start acon in the background
3) Start Lynx
4) Go to Options (by pressing the O letter)
5) In the "Characters Set Options box" do the following
5.1 In the "Assumed document character set" label choose either
ISO-8859-6 or windows-1256 depends on the site you are visiting and what
characters is being used.

5.2 In the "Display Characters set" choose

5.3 Choose accept configurations and you are ready to browse
Arabic web sites using a text base browser from a Linux box!!

COOOOOOOLL isn't it!


You should select 'Full 8 bits output' and 'Full 8 bits input' in 'Options/Display bits' to be able to read/write arabic texts using mc.

Ahmed Abdel-Hamid Mohamed :

Last updated : 5/19/00

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